We provide DSP access. We manage your campaigns.

Programmatic Advertising with Amazon DSP

Get enterprise-grade ad tech managed by experts with no upfront minimums.

Full-funnel marketing

We construct a synchronized marketing funnel using Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products, and Amazon DSP to move shoppers from awareness, to intent, to conversion. Amazon DSP provides powerful capabilities to reach new users and improve conversion rates for in-market shoppers.

Grow new-to-brand sales

Grow new-to-brand sales by targeting shoppers who don't know about your brand but share key characteristics with your most valuable customers. Drive incremental growth using machine learning look-alike models and first-party data.

Synchronize programmatic and search advertising

We manage search and programmatic advertising in a single, unified view to minimize overlap and improve efficiency. Our team cross-populates campaign optimizations and dynamically allocates budgets to drive improved ROI and revenue growth.

Ex-Amazon/Google experts

Our principals are former marketing managers from Amazon and Google who have collectively invested over $550M of programmatic advertising on Amazon DSP and Google Marketing Platform. We use our in-house experience to help brands incorporate powerful ad tech into their marketing mix.

Multi-channel attribution

See how much each channel and tactic is contributing to performance, optimize bids, and allocate budgets accordingly. We analyze inventory, buybox, conversion, and advertising data so brands know why performance is changing and how to grow faster.

Our Results

Full Funnel Efficiency

Extended sponsored search advertising into Amazon DSP retargeting, delivering 5:1+ ROI by reaching relevant shoppers outside of Amazon.com.

Sophisticated Attribution Capabilities

Implemented cross-channel attribution measurement through Amazon DSP, creating a full 360-degree view across all paid advertising and social media channels.

Developed New Customer Base

Drove new-to-brand sales for a large sports and outdoors supplier with 55% of revenue originating from first-time brand purchasers.

See how Merkato gets results

Dewalt tripled their revenue while reversing margin erosion and reducing MAP violations with Merkato.

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What is a DSP and how does it work?

A Demand Side Platform (DSP) is automated software that allows advertisers to reach shoppers across hundreds of millions of websites. Advertisers use DSPs to compete for digital ad inventory using real-time bidding and sophisticated targeting criteria. Amazon DSP gives brands unique access to Amazon’s proprietary consumer shopping data to target shoppers both on and off of Amazon and at any stage in the purchase journey.

Where do Amazon DSP ads reach customers online?

The DSP gives brands access to hundreds of millions of sites including the top news, sports, and entertainment websites in the world through major ad exchanges like Google AdX, OpenX, and Rubicon. Amazon DSP also gives brands exclusive access to Amazon-owned and operated inventory like IMDB, DPReview, Twitch, Zappos, Goodreads, and more.

Why should brands use Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP is a valuable complement to on-site sponsored ad campaigns, allowing advertisers to run both on and off of Amazon. Amazon’s DSP is the only way to leverage Amazon’s proprietary datasets that are built around hundreds of millions of consumers’ shopping behaviors. Consumers’ real-time browsing and purchase behavior enable niche targeting segments that allow brands to increase advertising effectiveness. This targeting allows brands to drive new-to-brand sales and win market share from competitors.

What are the benefits of running Amazon DSP through Merkato?

Amazon and other agencies require high costs of entry and incremental fees to manage DSP campaigns. At Merkato, we don’t hold brands to monthly DSP spend commitments or incremental service fees. We integrate DSP into the overall media strategy at a budget that makes sense for the brand, while still offering the same unique benefits available through the Amazon DSP.

How can brands measure Amazon DSP effectiveness against my other advertising efforts?

Through our unique Amazon DSP access, Merkato can track multi-channel attribution between DSP ads, sponsored ads, organic search, and social media advertising. We identify performance drivers and increase ROI by optimizing campaigns across all media channels.

Can I work with Merkato for Amazon DSP access only, or do you require marketplace management?

We believe brands win big by combining their Amazon Advertising and marketplace management, but we understand some brands have unique circumstances. Our team has hands-on experience managing DSP campaigns for many brands without having access to their Seller Central or Vendor Central accounts.

Why would I use a Retail Partnership?

Creating a Retail Partnership with Merkato is the fastest way for brands to protect their omnichannel margins and capture the revenue opportunity on Amazon. A retail partnership with Merkato requires the least time and energy investment from brands and is inherently cash flow positive from day one. An Agency Partnership allows for the possibility of higher margins than a Retail Partnership, but at the expense of additional inhouse overhead and significant executive time and energy. We help our clients choose between service models and are happy to do what works best for them.