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What makes Amazon’s DSP unique?

Amazon’s DSP is unique for two reasons: 1) It’s the only way to use Amazon’s proprietary consumer data in the advertising process and 2) it’s the only way to buy Amazon’s proprietary ad inventory. Over the past two decades, Amazon has built a proprietary dataset of hundreds of millions of consumers’ shopping behavior, past purchases, and real-time browsing interest. Amazon uses this data to power all their product and search algorithms and now they are allowing brands to use this data to improve their advertising effectiveness through the Amazon DSP. Amazon DSP allows brands to build powerful targeting filters using boolean logic that can target shoppers who’ve viewed a product but not purchased, expressed interest in a competitor's product, new-to-brand shoppers, and many more powerful custom targetings. This allows advertisers to better measure and optimize their advertising effectiveness to drive the highest performance possible.

Who can access Amazon’s DSP?

With a large enough budget, brands can work through Amazon or through an approved partner agency like Merkato. Working directly with Amazon requires a minimum $35,000 per month in guaranteed ad spend as well as a management fee in the low to mid double digits. Agencies have their own spend commitments and charge a management fee, although this can be lower than Amazon’s fee.

How can I measure advertising effectiveness withAmazon DSP?

Amazon DSP allows brands to measure multi-touch, cross-screen attribution, enabling brands to measure ad performance from mobile to desktop to purchase. Merkato can also conduct multi-channel attribution between DSP programmatic ads, Sponsored Products ads, organic search, and any off-Amazon advertising campaign or organic media that accepts UTM parameters. This enables very powerful analytics that show what’s driving performance, why, and how to reallocate budget and priorities to further improve results.

Can I work with Merkato for Amazon DSP Access Only?

Yes. Brands win big by combining their Amazon advertising and marketplace management, but our teammates have run campaigns for many brands and agencies without managing their Seller Central or Vendor Central accounts.

Is this only available for direct response campaigns?

No. Advertisers can optimize for direct response goals like ROI or awareness goals like unique reach or impressions. This allows brands to build comprehensive campaigns throughout the purchase funnel and for products at different stages in their lifecycle. Amazon’s DSP serves mobile, desktop, display, video, and custom creative units to allow brands to achieve multiple objectives.

Does the Amazon DSP only run on Amazon?

No. The Amazon DSP allows advertisers to run both on and off Amazon. Brand can access hundreds of millions of the most popular websites in the world through major ad exchanges like Google AdX, OpenX, Rubicon, and AppNexus as well as Amazon’s other owned and operated inventory like IMDB, DPReview, and more.

What is a DSP?

A DSP or Demand Side Platform is a software tool that allows advertisers to reach viewers across hundreds of millions of websites based on custom audience targeting in real-time. Imagine that a set of pipes connect all the ad slots on all the websites in the world, like a stock exchange. DSPs enable real-time bidding for the opportunity to display ads on these websites. This process, called programmatic advertising, allows advertisers to reach their target audience with any message, at any time, on virtually any website in the world. DSPs can serve many ad formats including image, video, mobile, desktop, programmatic TV, and custom native ad formats.

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