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Marketplace ecommerce is here. Are you ready?

Conventional marketing strategies don't work on Amazon. Amazon’s default pricing, assortment, and distribution policies and walled data gardens erode brands' margins and limit revenue growth.

We specialize in reversing margin erosion while simultaneously growing ecommerce revenue. Merkato helps brands take back control of their Amazon distribution, grow effectively through paid and organic marketing, and measure what's working and why.

We own implementation from launch through completion, and our incentive-aligned pricing and multi-year partnership structure mean we only win when our clients do.

How We Help

Agency Partnership

You own and ship inventory. We sell it.

Agency + Fulfillment

You own inventory. We ship and sell it.

Retail Partnership

We own inventory. We ship and sell it.

Amazon DSP

We provide DSP access. We manage your campaigns.

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Enterprise Brands

Full Account Management

·       Take complete control of your Amazon margins, growth, and assortment by working with long-term partners with extreme ownership and aligned incentives.

Amazon DSP / AAP

Programmatic and Attribution

Improve campaign delivery and KPI performance by synchronizing programmatic and search ads with marketplace listings and operations.

Large 3P Sellers

Full Account Management

Get the people, expertise, and leverage you need to grow from a large Amazon seller to an enduring brand with a global footprint.

Our Results

Full Funnel Efficiency

Extended sponsored search advertising into Amazon DSP retargeting, delivering 5:1+ ROI by reaching relevant shoppers outside of Amazon.com.

Sophisticated Attribution Capabilities

Implemented cross-channel attribution measurement through Amazon DSP, creating a full 360-degree view across all paid advertising and social media channels.

Developed New Customer Base

Drove new-to-brand sales for a large sports and outdoors supplier with 55% of revenue originating from first-time brand purchasers.

Reversed Margin Erosion

Migrated $3M in revenue from Vendor Central to Seller Central, increasing revenue by over 100% while increasing margins by several percentage points.

Proven Incremental Growth

Increased Amazon revenue by 50% vs control group in 6 month A/B test for a major hardware manufacturer.

Profitable Advertising

Drove a 50% revenue increase in 6 months by executing profitable advertising at a 5:1 ROI for a leading national hardware brand.

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